Custom Design

Ready For Your Requirements

At OSM Transportables, our design team is here to fulfil your wishes for the perfect Living and Working solutions. From studio apartments, granny flats to ablution blocks, you can work with our in-house design team to preview and customise your ideal Transportable, Modular, through concept designs.

 With only quality materials to manufacture a transportable, we guarantee that every product sold by us will be both affordable and robust.

Our Range and Services

We offer you a wide range of Transportables, options including: modular, relocatable, prefabricated, and granny flats, Secondary Dwellings, Offices & studios, budget facilities, Shearers Quarters , accommodation, B&B,s, flats, donga,s, ablution and amenities blocks.
For each type of transportable we will provide you with a basic layout, however, such details as door and window position, or any other requirement you may have, can be brought to our in-house design team. We strive to provide the most practical, efficient, and economical transportables as possible.
We allow custom designs because we know that the most satisfied customers are those who are able to contribute to creating the most suitable transportable possible for their own needs.
To hear more about our designing services, products, or even receive information regarding the basic layouts of any unit or transportable, do not hesitate to contact us today.